Etizolam PG solution kits *PRE-SALE SHIPS DEC. 9TH*




This item is for pre-sale. Pre-sale items will ship as of December 9th, 2019. All pre-sale etizolam powder and solution kit orders will contain an additional 75mg free sample.

  • Multiple tests yielding highly positive results and an astronomical amount of positive reviews by all of our research clients who have began receiving their pre-orders indicate that our product is by far and wide among the best available in the nation.
  • Etizolam Powder and Etizolam Solution Kits are now available again and are on pre-sale (Begins to ship on December 9th and retail orders will ship within 24-hours at that point as we are now able to forecast our sales considering our growth and never be sold out of product again) All powder, solution & solution kit pre-orders will automatically come with a free additional product, on top of whatever you are buying.
  • If you are purchasing 3-FPM, 4-AcO-DMT or NDH, your order will still ship same-day as regular. If you plan on purchasing pre-order items on top of these, please place a second invoice so that your non pre-sale items can ship immediately.

Additional information

PG Solution Amount

250ml, 500ml

Etizolam Amount

250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg


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