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We at Etizolam depot stand by our product and service.

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Favourite asked questions about etizolam depot


Q: Do you offer same day shipping?

A: Yes we do as long as the order is placed and paid for before 12:00 PST.

Q: Does etizolam depot ship everyday of the week?

A: We ship on weekdays.

Q: Do you ship on holidays?

A: Orders placed on weekends or holidays will be shipped on the following business day.

Q: Do you ship to the US

A: We only offer domestic shipping within Canada

Q: I am not satisfied with my purchase

A: We stand by our products and offer a 30-day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Q: Do you provide a tracking number?

A: Tracking information is automatically forwarded to you once the courier picks up your parcel.

Q: How do I get a coupon code?

A Once you've registered your email and become a member of etizolam depot you will receive emails to notify you of our coupon codes and of what they offer you

Q: How can I get free shipping?

A: Every order over 100$ qualifies for free Xpresspost shipping with Canada Post

Q: What happens if I order after 12:00 PST (pacific standard time)

A: Your order will be processed and will get shipped on the following business day.

Q: Why is etizolam sold not for human or animal consumption?

A: We sell etizolam as a research chemical to further its development. Etizolam may be harmful if swallowed or ingested. We do not endorse or condone that in any way. By purchasing our products, you agree to only perform in vitro research.