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Etizolam effects

Is there a connection between hormones and sexual performance?

There is no denying the fact that there is a strong connection between sex drive and our urge for sex as humans and the level of hormones in the body system. Also, it has been proven that the number of hormones produced by the body decreases with increase in age and this leads to a corresponding decline in sexual performance. We will discuss etizolam effects on sex drive in this article later.

How effective is hormonal therapy for curing sexual therapy?

The efficacy of hormonal therapy for the revival of sexual performance and stamina cannot be questioned as there is a countless number of persons who have had their sexual life revived through this process. So many people develop a sudden disinterest in sex and sexual pleasure. The simple explanation for this is what is already stated in the previous paragraph. Etizolam is a proven remedy for insomnia and anxiety. It is also a very useful substance for relaxing muscles and as an antidepressant.

The steady rise of this anxiolytic drug has led to rumors and speculations that it can be useful for curing erectile dysfunction and sexual performance. While some people claim the use of Etizolam helps to improve their performance level sexually, another group do not believe in its efficacy.

The second group of persons believes that a good sexual performance begins with overcoming sexual anxiety and nervousness. They feel you have to play the game in your head before going for the real performance. They also believe taking performance-enhancing drugs weaken the sexual organs. Both schools of thoughts are correct. There are facts and figures to back up the claim that men don’t last long in bed when they are anxious.

How does Etizolam cure sexual dysfunction?

Anxiety makes it impossible to stay erect for long. People who are anxious or can’t control their nerves before sexual intercourse can use Etizolam and enjoy etizolam effects on the body. Etizolam improves sexual performance by reducing nervousness and anxiety. However, it will be very unwise not to follow the prescription of a specialist or overdo things. Usually, doctors recommend taking 0.5mg of Etizolam shortly before sex (probably two hours before the real action). A slight departure from the prescribed dosage may prove disastrous.

Some people go as far as using this drug daily. Such a person stands the risks of hemolytic anemia, hepatitis, and seizures. The side effects of Etizolam varies directly with the dose and frequency of use. Other side effects are drowsiness, dizziness, disinhibition, and melancholy. If the purpose of use is for improved sexual performance, but you do not comply with the prescribed dose, the inevitable outcome is erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.

All in all, the real test of the sexual ability of a man is when he can make love to a woman without using stimulants. Sexual performance without stimulants is the key to healthy sexual life. Etizolam effects on sex drive can be denied but, it should not be a regular habit. The use of Etizolam and other stimulants can only be encouraged when other natural remedies such as adequate rest and good food aren’t yielding the desired result.

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